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16-Hour Suspended Scaffold User

32 Hour Suspended Scaffold Supervisor

Course Length

32 hours


3.2 CEUs




English, Spanish, Polish

Course Description:

In this course students will explore New York City Construction Codes and OSHA Regulations as it pertains to supervision of suspended scaffolds. Participants learn the most current suspended scaffold standards, including guidance on how to read scaffold design drawings, how to verify the fitness of the rigging crew, properly train workers on related hazards, and also how to identify and respond to emergency situations. This course includes hands-on assessment where students apply rope knots, terminate wire rope, build a block and tackle system, effectively install fall protection systems, and inspect & maintain various types of scaffold hoist motors. 


Experienced workers with at least one year of practical experience in hoisting and rigging and whose roles require supervision of suspended scaffold projects. This training is also beneficial for safety managers, superintendents, and individuals planning to apply for the New York City Master or Special Rigger’s license.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, the students shall be able to:

  1. Identify suspended scaffold systems and their essential components

  2. Discuss common suspended scaffold hazards based on statistical and historical data provided

  3. Outline differences between OSHA and NYC DOB scaffold regulations and their sources

  4. Demonstrate practical skills necessary to properly install and maintain fall protection systems used on suspended scaffolds

  5. Create a suspended scaffold inspection checklist using provided requirements

  6. Apply various applications & connection techniques using ropes, knots & hitches

  7. Assemble the block and tackle for a fiber rope light duty scaffold

  8. Construct the wire rope termination for hoisting rope on suspended scaffolds


Successful Completion:

In order to receive a certificate/card for the course, students must:

  • Be able to clearly communicate with the instructor and complete all paperwork in the language the course is delivered. No personal interpreters permitted. 

  • Complete all required paperwork: registration, evaluation, attendance, etc.

  • Attend all required hours of the course. Any make up sessions must be completed within six months from the course start date.

  • Participate during class activities and reviews.

  • Complete tests with a passing grade of at least 70%.


Methods of Instruction:

A combination of lectures, PowerPoint presentations, open discussions, and testing will be used throughout the course.


There are no prerequisites needed to attend this course, however it is recommended that students have some experience in rigging operations and supervision or use of suspended scaffold systems. Students must be able to demonstrate an ability to read and write in English. Valid photo ID is required.

Attendance Policy: 

Students are required to complete 100% of the course and actively participate in all learning activities. Make-up time is permitted only at the discretion of the school’s management.

Unsuccessful Course Completion:

Students receiving a failing grade on their final exam must take and repay for the course at a later date and time, at the same or then existing current higher tuition price.

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