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Jorge Ceballos

Training Director

“Knowledge Is Power.” Everyone probably has knowledge, but not all of them get to know how it is used. Knowledge can be turned into power only if you know how to do so. At the School Of Construction Safety, we aim to help you achieve just that.
School Of Construction Safety is a school that aims to help people within the construction industry to realize how important it is to ensure safety for everyone. Our company is worked by a team of expert instructors and knowledgeable people, who know the different areas in this intricate industry, where accidents may be usual.
School of Construction Safety has recently been opened on October 2010. However, even though we are working as a company just 5 years ago, you can guarantee that we have the necessary know-how and experience to train and instruct people in the construction industry.

 At the School of Construction Safety, we have one goal in mind. It is to train each and every employee on Safety Construction area to decrease the accident rate and boost their knowledge within this area, making them more competent in the industry and the environment as a whole.

 We offer the best education to all construction-related employees to make sure and ensure their safety. School of Construction Safety aims to deliver quality education and advice for everyone within the intricate construction industry. Our advice is created to help alleviate risks to human health, while reducing the financial costs linked with unexpected workplace accidents.

 Keep your workplace and environment safe with the best knowledge at hand. We are looking forward to hear from you soon!

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