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8 Hour Suspended Scaffold User Refresher

Course Length

8 hours


0.8 CEUs

Course Description:

This course is required by the New York City Department of Buildings to use or work on suspended scaffolds in New York City, and must be taken every 4 years after completing the initial 16 hour course. Training will include instruction on how to visually inspect suspended scaffold equipment, identify basic scaffold components, and execute safe assembly and disassembly of the equipment. Students are required to participate in all class exercises, which shall include use of various types of suspended scaffolding and rigging operations. The goal of this course is to provide participants with Knowledge of the code requirements of the New York City Buildings Department, New York City Rules, to provide workers that shall work on suspended scaffold with the knowledge on the safe and proper use of a suspended scaffold. Students will receive a photo ID card from Safety Dynamics, valid for 4 years.


This course is required by the New York City Department of Buildings for anyone using or working on suspended scaffolds in New York City and that has completed the NYC DOB 16 Hour Suspended Scaffold User Course within the past 4 years.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, the students shall be able to:

  1. ​Understand the use of suspended scaffolds.

  2. Be able to recognize and recall the major safety factors related to the use of suspended scaffolds.

  3. Demonstrate knowledge of safety and what controls, systems and PPE to utilize to prevent not only the public but employees from injuries and/or fatalities.

  4. Understand hazards and safety standards as related to suspended scaffold use and demonstrate how to correct with controls and/or other means of protection.

  5. Be aware of the rules of New York City related to construction and have knowledge to recall the NYC DOB chapters 9 & 33 as related to suspended scaffold use.

  6. Be able to identify the general administrative rules as related to use of a suspended scaffold and be aware of the permits required to us them.

  7. Be able to identify during which events or situations DOB must be notified and be aware of notices and procedure policies related to suspended scaffold use.

  8. Demonstrate knowledge related to fall protection and recognize the need for Fall Arrest Systems and personal protective equipment.

  9. Understand platform construction and what equipment is used for rigging of such.

  10. Comprehend load capacity and factors that reduce those load capacities.

  11. Be able to recall knots and hitches related to safe rigging technics and being capable of understanding rope use, including awareness of wire rope.

  12. Be able to demonstrate knowledge of use of motors and cables.

  13. Understand rigging equipment and hardware and being able to detect damaged rigging equipment.

  14. Recognize pre-startup procedures, operation of scaffold, shut down procedures, and emergency preparedness procedures.

  15. Be able to identify unsafe notification procedures and have knowledge of DOI/DOB integrity contact information procedure.


Successful Completion:

In order to receive a certificate/card for the course, students must:

  • Be able to clearly communicate with the instructor and complete all paperwork in the language the course is delivered. No personal interpreters permitted. 

  • Complete all required paperwork: registration, evaluation, attendance, etc.

  • Attend all required hours of the course. Any make up sessions must be completed within six months from the course start date.

  • Participate during class activities and reviews.

  • Complete tests with a passing grade of 70%.


Methods of Instruction:

A combination of lectures, PowerPoint presentations, open discussions, and testing will be used throughout the course.


Student must be able to communicate with the instructor in the language the course is held in. Valid photo ID is required. Students must have completed the 16 Hour Suspended Scaffold User Course within the past 4 years. Please note that this is a refresher course meaning that it is NOT to be used as an initial course. Students are required to have taken the initial course, which is the 16 Hour Suspended Scaffold course, before taking this refresher. Students MUST provide a copy of their initial or refresher card either by email or in person prior to taking this refresher course 

Attendance Policy: 

Students are required to complete 100% of the course and actively participate in all learning activities. Make-up time is permitted only at the discretion of the school's management.

Unsuccessful Course Completion
Students receiving a failing grade on their final exam must take and repay for the course at a later date and time, at the same or then existing current higher tuition price.

PRICE: $200
LANGUAGE: Spanish, English, Polish
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